The Little Beet 

100 percent of guiltin’ free food is here! The Little Beet was founded with one simple philosophy: To serve real food deliciously. Inspired by local, seasonal and natural ingredients, The Little Beet created a menu that offers wholesome food that makes you feel really good about eating it and even better after.

All of their ingredients are carefully sourced from farmers and purveyors they know and trust, so you can too. The Little Beet firmly believes what grows together, goes together. All of The Little Beet’s menu items are gluten-free. But more importantly, they are also guiltin’ free. Good food never tasted so good!

Sink your teeth into the inspired Brussel Hustle with chicken, shaved brussels sprouts, pecorino cheese, cranberry, avocado white bean spread, salsa verde, pickled onion, and super seeds all over tender field greens.

Want some salmon in your life? Go for the Yuzu Salmon Avocado Bowl w/ Brown Rice. Freshly roasted. salmon is paired with chipotle slaw, golden beets, kale, avocado, sesame seeds, yuzu vinaigrette, and pickled ginger over perfectly cooked brown rice.

Give back to your body and try The Little Beet today!


Foody’s Dumplings 

Time to try your new favorite dumpling spot with so much more! The Terracotta Army may be the most famous landmark in the central Chinese city of Xi’an, but Foody’s Dumplings array of noodles, bowls, and of course dumplings are the easiest and tastiest way to be transported to China.

The minds (and hands) behind NYC’s famous Vanessa’s Dumplings bring their unparalleled technique and flavor right to your desk. With a former Xi’an Famous Foods alum in the kitchen, Foody’s draws its flavor from all over the diverse regions of China, with an emphasis on the unique flavors of Xi’an.

Think slowly stewed beef with hand-ripped noodles in a rich broth, or a specially spiced and seasoned lamb soup with thin homemade noodles. Their cold and spicy sesame noodles with shaved cucumbers are an absolute must.

Want to try their signature dumplings made fresh every day? You can opt for boiled or pan-fried. With different fillings like pork, chicken, shrimp & pork, or vegetable.

Turn it up a notch with the Red Hot Chili Oil Dumplings or the Spicy & Sour dumplings in soup. The classic sides include stewed beef, pork, or a vegetarian “Rougamo” in a flatbread as well as scallion pancakes and veggie spring rolls.

Don’t miss out on your chance to try one of NYC’s best dumplings!

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