🎶You know I like my chicken fried, And cold beer on a Friday night, A pair of jeans that fit just right, And the radio on🎶

Well, maybe the cold beer on a Friday night is a cold brew on a Tuesday morning. And the jeans are actually Uniqlo pants. And the radio is a new podcast about serial killers. Whatever, you get the point. 

If you’re a fried chicken fan, and if you’re not on a restrictive diet you better be, at some point over the several years you have found yourself in the homey kitchen of Bobwhite for their flagship dish. Founder and palate behind the restaurant, Keedrick Coulter’s, makes outstanding birds and sides at Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter. The crispy, juicy bites will transport you from your desk to the South in seconds. 

Wrap your mouth around any one of their irresistible dishes like the Chicken (not so) little plate, which includes a drumstick, a wing, and the oft sought after thigh. Bobwhite does its chicken the classic Southern style, brining the bird in sweet tea (yes, really), but they manage to avoid the sour taste often found at other spots around NYC.

The meat is hot, juicy, and rich; the skin, dredged in flour and a bevy of spices before boiling in oil, is golden brown and primed for your lunch order. The plate also comes with a top-notch, always buttery biscuit (add honey from your coffee station for a real treat) and a side (curried collards, famous mac n cheese, or tangy coleslaw). Those folks in the kitchen really know what they’re doing.

But wait, there’s more! Buffalo or Plain Chicken Sandwiches are another highlight of the menu. Forget what you’ve heard about the great fried chicken sandwich debate, Bobwhite takes the plate! Made with juicy white meat chicken tenders, both of their sandwiches knock it out of the park. Whether you’re trying to get fit before the holidays or just don’t care, Bobwhite will make you throw your hands up in the air! 


Also, this week’s sample in residence: The Good Crisp

The classic canister chip, without all the nasties

 Choose from two unique SKUs:  Original or Sour Cream & Onion


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