If you didn’t grow up with a Polish grandmother who was an incredible cook and have always felt a lingering feeling of general disappointment for this lack of genetic generosity, don’t give up hope just yet. Old Traditional Polish Food Truck is ready to drive up and fill this void.

With a one of a kind team behind it, it’s no surprise they serve up such hearty and delicious food. Grzegorz Gryzlak, Eva Lokaj, and Przemyslaw Motyka are the heart and soul behind these 4 wheels, serving up authentic Polish food to the people of New York City since 2013.

Let’s talk food. The Kielbasa has a perfect snap and crunch to it, all while maintaining its juicy and flavorful inside. You may look at your plate and think it’s smiling back at you or you may be looking in the mirror as your pure delight from this delicious staple cannot be hidden. Even the side of mustard is imported from Poland. Also on the menu, and what you have probably been waiting for, the little pockets of potato heaven.

Traditional Polish serves a variety of pierogis from the classic potato and cheese pierogis, to meat and cheese pierogis, to veggie filled pierogis. The stews will warm you up from the inside out and have all the fixings. Mixtures of kielbasa, sauerkraut, mushrooms, plums, cabbage, onions, and the list goes on.

If you don’t have any trips to Poland planned in the near future (or even if you do) this is likely the next best option to try authentic staples of their cuisine. The truck usually moves locations day to day, so take advantage of this opportunity to track them down and have it delivered right to your desk. 


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