We sat down with Nutcha Kethirun–owner of Herbs Thai Bistro and Thai Chella–and talked about how she got started, how her restaurants handle STADIUM orders, and what she likes about partnering with STADIUM.

Q: How did you get into food?

A: It’s a long history. When I opened Herbs Thai, I went into business with a partner who cheated me out of a lot of money.  I was left with $0 in my pocket and was thinking I would give up my dream to pursue a restaurant in New York City and go back to Thailand. 

I eventually decided to fight my former partner in court, and he ended up selling his stake.  I got the restaurant back. I had a bachelor’s degree in business management…so I take care of front of house, and my chef, takes care of back of house.  My chef is really good… the business grew so fast because we have a really good team. 

I always wanted to open an authentic Thai restaurant,  but it is difficult to be completely authentic because of the imported ingredients that are needed to make it “authentic”.   We do what we can to stay to our roots — a lot of the recipes come from my Grandma.

Four years later, Herbs Thai is doing really well, and I decided to open Thai Chella.  Herbs Thai is more like a takeout place; with Thai Chella I provide more of a sit-down dining experience.

Thai Chella

Q: How did we meet?

I went online to look for opportunities to grow my restaurant’s delivery and catering business, and I found STADIUM.   I knew that STADIUM has a high standard for the food they put on the menu– it’s not like any Thai restaurant can join.  My team convinced STADIUM’s team to try our food and give it a shot. STADIUM’s given me a lot of orders — I want to be the only Thai restaurant on STADIUM. This was especially important for my new restaurant, Thai Chella. STADIUM is a great way to promote new customers to new restaurants — it’s goes beyond more most traditional partnerships. 

Q: Is there a certain time of year that STADIUM is more valuable for you?

Not necessarily. Sometimes, we can slow down in the summer, so being on STADIUM is really helpful — keeping us open and busy. 

Herbs Thai Bistro

Q: As far as the logistics and operations, was it easy for you and explained clearly?

STADIUM is easy to work with.  I receive an email notification far in advance letting me know I’ll be on the menu, so I can coordinate with the kitchen staff and make sure we can prepare the food.  With some companies, we get less than a day’s notice.

The first time we got a STADIUM order, I freaked out because we were sending out 100 Chicken Pad Thai, and I wasn’t expecting so many orders.  There were a lot of “Woahs” but, now the kitchen staff and I are used to it.
Because of the volumes, it’s important for my staff correctly labels all of the food and takes care in packaging.  If there’s a curry leaking or something like that, we really do care to address it so we can make things better for the STADIUM customer. 

Q: Do you like that our communication style is so personal?   You can always call our team, and you’re never dealing with a call center. 

Yes, communication is very clear and personal.  We’re always in sync especially in regards to important things such as customer allergies. It’s important to me that STADIUM is caring about these important customer issues.   

Q: What do you think we can improve on?

At the moment, I am very happy with our partnership.  STADIUM is very professional, and it’s been a pleasant surprise in terms of number of orders.  It’s brought me more than I ever expected.

When I deal with another platform, there is often no real relationship.  With STADIUM, I’m in close contact with Jonny and Justin, my points of contacts, and they’re also often coming to the restaurant for dinner.   It’s a friendship, and I feel so good about that.  

Q: How do you feel about our delivery staff?  

The delivery staff is great. At times, I’m rushed by a rude delivery guy who is constantly asking if  if the food is ready. But with STADIUM drivers, they are so polite, patient, and quiet. They do not disturb the kitchen or anything like that.

They’re naturally curious about my food, too.   When they are waiting for the food, there are many times that the delivery guy will come in and order food for themselves at my restaurant.  

They’re naturally curious about my food, too.   When they are waiting for the food, there are many times that the delivery guy will come in and order food for themselves at my restaurant.  

I’d ask– “Did I forget something?”  And they say “No, we just love your food and want it for lunch!” 

Q: Do you like the customer feedback that STADIUM provides?

I find the feedback very valuable.  When I read the reporting I’m sent on Friday, I might notice that one dish has a problem. I will use that feedback and speak with my chef about how we can improve the dish.  This information helps me improve my in-store quality, as well as my delivery experience.

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