Anyone in sales knows lunch meetings come with the territory—and Steven Sapp is no exception. As Senior Vice President of Partnership Sales at GSTV, a national video network, Steven has the direct responsibility of educating agency and client partners about working with the company.

That translates to a lot of ordering in.

“Lunch is really integrated in my job because we book a lot of meetings with groups as a means to introduce our product to their teams,” Steven says. “We host meetings around a meal primarily because it creates a greater sense of community and opens a dialogue that otherwise might not take place.”

When arranging lunch becomes a part-time job in itself

While the lunches were great for business, Steven found them personally frustrating, stealing time and energy he’d rather put toward preparing for the meetings.

“It was a bit of a painstaking process to choose the right restaurant. I’d go through the menu trying to ensure all of the dietary restrictions are met, making sure food orders were placed with options that work for everyone,” Steven says. “I’d have to think opportunistically about additional guests who might show up. It shouldn’t have to be like that.”

STADIUM lets you focus on the important stuff (a.k.a your actual job)

Now, thanks to STADIUM, those headaches are long gone. Steven and GSTV have an easy system for organizing lunch meetings, where guests each have a choice of NYC’s top lunch spots and his clients place their own orders. All these dishes from different restaurants get delivered together, as a single delivery for the client meeting. Best of all, Steven gets to stick to the job he signed up for..

“STADIUM helped eliminate the guesswork of who wanted what, making it super easy to focus on important meeting prep,” he says. “I’m no longer the salesperson, caterer, and delivery coordinator…I’m the salesperson, which is what I always intended to be.”

Now lunch meetings are actually enjoyable—for everyone involved

Aside from getting his time back, Steven credits STADIUM with adding an element of “fun” to lunch meetings that’s helped the GSTV team engage and bond with clients.

“There’s always a great bit of conversation that goes on when a group comes together and the STADIUM food is dispersed. Like how the heck did they do it?” Steven says. “There’s just this funny aspect to it, we always debate how STADIUM actually works. Folks in the meeting had only ordered two hours ago from all these different restaurants yet STADIUM seems to get it all right.”

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