Le Pain Quotidien or “the daily bread” got its humble start in Brussels in 1990 and within a few months, had opened 10 locations to handle the demand. You can simply call it LPQ so Stacey in accounting who just got back from France won’t correct your butchered pronunciation. Whatever you want to call it, everyone is familiar with their crispy fresh oven-baked bread and their always organic, wholesome dishes. Whenever you see that classic logo of the bread just out of the oven, you know you’re in for more than baked goodness.  

Le Pain Quotidien means “the daily bread”, and to them that means everything. It’s much more than mere sustenance; it’s a way of life. As their loaves emerge from the ovens, warm and fragrant, friends gather around the communal tables to share in the time-honored tradition of breaking bread.

Each Le Pain Quotidien features a communal table made from reclaimed Belgian wood, both an homage to their humble roots and a symbol of what they stand for. Almost everything at Le Pain Quotidien is organic, and everything is made fresh daily, don’t just stop at their bread, they have options for all sorts of tastebuds. 

Check out some of their signature tartines, the Belgian take on the sandwich. At once simple and elegant, their tartines bring taste to the table and delight to the palate. Start with their classic Tuna Nicoise Tartine, loaded with sustainably line-caught and hand picked-packed white tuna, organic hard-boiled egg, hummus spread, capers, and fresh herbs and oil. Looking for something a little heartier, don’t miss the quiche Lorraine, a  delicious flaky quiche with gruyere cheese, ham and leeks. 

Be sure to stop by and take a seat at one of their communal tables! 


Milk Bar took the best parts of childhood, removed all of the awkwardness and added heaps of made-from-scratch birthday cake and frosting (inspired by the boxed supermarket stuff we grew up with). Meet Milk Bar’s B’day Cake, packed with b’day crumbs in the middle, even more on top and dreamy vanilla vibes throughout. Now blow out the candles and wish for a pony. Fun Fact: It took Tosi + the Milk Bar team over three sleepless years (ok there were some naps) to deconstruct and finally arrive at that perfect, nostalgic, funfetti flavor. It’ll take you significantly less time to enjoy.


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