Double the Launch, Double the Fun! 

Le Pain Quotidien & Areppas: NEW THIS WEEK!

Le Pain Quotidien means “the daily bread” and to them that means everything. It’s much more than mere sustenance; it’s a way of life. Specializing in fresh, organic, nutritious ingredients, LPQ (as the local New Yorkers say) knows food. 

Check out their signature Tuna Nicoise tartine, the Belgian take on the sandwich. 

Try their Grain Bowl, a perfectly composed dish that shows off LPQ’s dedication to quality ingredients. 

Arepas, warm corn pockets you can fill with endless food combinations, are a cultural staple of Venezuela and Colombia. We’re bringing all that Areppas has to offer to Stadium this week. 

Take this opportunity to get your hands on their arepa’s, we are featuring 3 of their crowd favorites. The Downtown is filled with braised beef short rib and de mano cheese, the Brooklyn is filled with avocado and jalapeno, and the Rena Pepiada is filled with chicken, avocado and refreshing cilantro. 

They also are serving up delicious bowls with all the toppings and golden fried empanadas. 



The foundation of Chip NYC lies in the large, gooey, delicious cookies that they create. Warm and fresh out of the oven, right into the hearts of their customers. This week we are featuring their S’mores & XOXO Funfetti flavor. Get your valentine (whether it’s yourself or another) a sweet treat this week before they sell out! 


4505 Meats: Artisanal pork rinds that are crispy clouds of propitiousness!
Fishpeople salmon jerky is 24g of 100% wild, sustainably-sourced protein in tasty, snackable bites