How do you avoid another group lunch fail, where catering shows up ten minutes late with a sad tray of soggy sandwiches and a wilted Caesar salad?

You go with restaurants and deliverers who care about the details—from how their food is prepared to how it shows up on your boardroom table.

Sons of Thunder is one of those meticulous ones. 

Since 2015, they’ve been serving up authentic poké and other Hawaiian and Californian dishes in the heart of NYC. This slice of aloha in the city has seen big success not just in their two locations in Murray Hill and the Financial District, but also in local offices, where they deliver lunch through STADIUM.

How do we pull off delivering fresh fish dishes that companies request again and again? 

It starts with a ridiculous commitment to quality

Sons of Thunder owner James Kim says his restaurant values quality and authenticity of food above all else. 

“We only serve fresh fish. It’s never frozen or chemically treated,” says James. “Then, we butcher it all in-house. It’s more costly but we feel like it makes a huge difference and our customers agree.”

He also knows the quality of Sons of Thunder fare won’t be lost in transit.

“Our food doesn’t have to be piping hot so it’s a good candidate for delivery,” James says.

On time is the only option

Both Sons of Thunder and STADIUM are sticklers for orders showing up on time, every time. Even 10 seconds late is not ok.

“We love specifics and deadlines,” James told us. “Your guys are never late…whereas I think we’ve been late a couple times in the two years we’ve worked together.”

In the world of food delivery, it pays to be a little type A.

We put the right people in place 

Team is also a critical concept to both Sons of Thunder and STADIUM.

Sons of Thunder ensures everyone on staff is on board the mission of providing “an elevated poké experience.” In turn, they take good care of their people, fostering a positive atmosphere and providing performance-based bonuses.

As for the STADIUM crew, James says, “Everyone’s been super professional. If we’re running a little behind, they’re patient and helpful. I just think you have a really great team.”

We’re just wired to care (a lot)

Ultimately, Sons of Thunder and STADIUM have been so effective at delivering amazing food because we’re built for it. We’re always thinking about delivering great quality, even long after lunchtime.

“We have multiple check-ins every day as a team,” James says of the Sons of Thunder squad. “Before shift, after shift, and then again twice more. So four times it happens every day with every single person in the restaurant.”

Great delivery is in the details. And for Sons of Thunder and STADIUM, details are in our DNA.


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