Customer profile: Netflix

Your team’s time is valuable. And when lunchtime rolls around, not everyone wants to sacrifice an hour or more of productivity looking for a good place to grab food in the city.

Nobody knows this as well as Mimi, the workplace services coordinator at Netflix in New York.

As the person responsible for spearheading the food and beverage program at the office, Mimi sought out an in-house lunch option that would meet Netflix’s standards for both quality of food and overall cost – while saving her team the time and hassle of venturing outside. 

“We like solutions that take stress away from our people during the workday, when they’re trying to figure out what to get for lunch,” she shares. The company saw enormous value in providing a wide variety of high-quality meals in the office daily, eliminating the need for lengthy restaurant breaks smack-dab in the middle of the day.  

The stress of feeding a growing family 

In less than two years’ time, the Netflix office had grown from a team of 20 to over 70 hungry mouths to feed. With a rapidly expanding workforce came a slew of growing pains.

“It’s been a challenge because as far as seating goes, we’re running out of space. But also, with the food amount, we’re running out of space in the kitchen because we are growing out of our small offices,” says Mimi.

So it was a priority to work with a provider that aligns with their company culture, to save her team time, and accommodate Netflix’s exponential growth.  

STADIUM came along

That’s when she found STADIUM. With a delivery menu that’s curated and changes weekly, employees can enjoy their own choice of restaurant-quality food without having to leave the office and lose precious time. 

“STADIUM has been really helpful as Netflix is growing,” she says. “There’s a lot more people now than when I first started working here, and it’s been super scalable to have all the lunches nicely packaged and labeled so all I have to do is put them in the kitchen. No one wastes time searching for which meal belongs to them.”

Now more work gets done at work

Thanks to STADIUM, Netflix employees can enjoy convenient, gourmet lunches from the comfort of their conference rooms. Team members rave about the variety of options they get to choose from each day, and the user-friendly experience of ordering their meals. Plus, the daily battle of finding food has been eliminated from their schedules. 

“STADIUM is there to increase productivity for everyone who finds their lunches waiting for them here. It gives the team a way to be inclusive and take a break from work – without taking the added time that comes from going out to eat,” says Mimi.

No more hangry lunchtime headaches 

Besides the perk of added productivity, employees have also fallen in love with the variety of restaurant choices and dependability of STADIUM’s service.  

“All the orders come in at one time, and it’s usually before 12:30, which is really nice,” Mimi shares. “Everyone orders STADIUM because they know they can depend on it and the food is always either on time or early.”

Plus, Mimi has her time back, too 

And productivity hasn’t just gone up for the rest of the team. Mimi has more time in her schedule too, thanks to STADIUM’s intuitive administrator platform that requires absolutely no heavy lifting on her part.

“Everyone has their own individual login,” Mimi shares. There’s nothing I need to do on a daily basis to check up on it or anything…It’s just very hands-off. And, everyone kind of orders it on their own. It’s pretty easy for people to use as well. I’ve never had someone ask me how to use it. It’s been really nice.”

Want to increase team productivity in your office with curated in-house lunches? With STADIUM, everyone on your team can order from different restaurants and it’ll come to you as a single delivery. Start your lunch program or order ad hoc today: