As busy (and hungry) professionals, we want it all.

We want healthy menu options, tailored to our personal preferences, made and served fast, and oh, all of this had better be done using sustainable practices.

For restauranteurs, checking all these boxes is no easy feat. 

But John Kim and Yvan Lemoine have lived up to the challenge. 

A restaurant that believes you can have it all

After meeting as two chefs in Midtown, John and Yvan made a promise to each other: Instead of working in someone else’s kitchen, they’d venture out on their own. Alongside business partner Ryan Van Grow, the team founded Akin Hospitality Group and went on to create Casa Nomad – a healthy restaurant based around their food-first philosophy. 

With fast-casual food titans just right down the street, it would take a real commitment to excellence in order to win. Fortunately, the Midtown chefs knew from previous experience what worked: an inviting environment, healthy but “fast” food, affordable prices, and interesting variety.

Most importantly, they vowed to stay true to their chef-centric principles, only serving fare that exceeds expectations in taste, quality, and sustainability. 

Making health a high priority

“No one has time to sit down for lunch,” says Yvan and John.

And it’s true – most of us live action-packed lives that leave little time for high-quality, healthy meals. 

But this is just the kind of challenge that the Casa Nomad team thrives on tackling.

They’re putting their chef backgrounds to work in tailoring menus that shine the spotlight on health and sustainability – all while adapting their business model to the modern lifestyle of an on-the-go customer. 

When you visit Casa Nomad, you can expect dishes like vegetarian buddha bowls and roasted salmon served with whole grains and wild greens, ready for you in minutes. 

Listening closely to customer feedback 

Casa Nomad set out to give the people everything they want. But how can they be sure they’re doing just that? The only option is to listen to customer feedback. 

Many restaurants dread this part of the business, but John and Yvan’s partnership with STADIUM has made it simple.

STADIUM provides daily and weekly reporting not just on sales metrics, but also on customer ratings and reviews of each dish. It’s a treasure trove of information that helps restaurants like Casa Nomad get better every day.

“In the past we may have lost business due to negative feedback, but now we have the opportunity to fix it,” John says. 

Doubling up on lunchtime revenue 

The Casa Nomad team is all about discovering innovative ways to stand out in the fast-casual eater crowd. 

That’s a part of the reason they’ve partnered with STADIUM.

Now, they can serve two lunchtime crowds: one in-house and one through STADIUM delivery. Prepping STADIUM orders in the morning, prior to the main lunch rush, helps them take advantage of hours that would otherwise be downtime.

“With STADIUM, we make half a day’s sales in one pick-up,” they say. 

Hey, customers shouldn’t be the only ones having it all.


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